Nylon Webbing Straps
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rolls of nylon webbingShoulder Strap made from polypro webbing

An Assortment of Rolls of Webbing                                                       An adjustable Shoulder Strap made from 2 inch (50mm) poly pro webbing,
                                                                                                                         utilizing plastic snap hooks and a tri-glide

Nylon Webbing is often made into Straps. Of course there are other types of common webbing besides nylon, there is Polypropylene Webbing, also called "Polypro Webbing" for short, Cotton Webbing, Polyester Webbing, and many types of Rubberized Webbing and webbing made from specialized fibers. Technically webbing is classified as a narrow textile, any textile less than 12 inches in width is considered a webbing.

Rubber Duc ™ 19mm Translucent Coated WebbingRubber Duc ™ 38mm Textured Grooved Coated Webbing,
This is a translucent coated webbing                                            This is a Textured and Grooved Rubber Coated Webbing

Gossgrain ribbon is also a type of webbing that is not rated for loadbearing, it is used mainly as an edging for manufactured textile products to prevent fraying of the material and to give a neat finished look
Rubber Duc ™ 22mm Bumpy Grip Coated Webbing
This is one type of rubber coated webbing (Vinyl Coated webbing) it has bumpy grips molded onto it during manufacturing

Straps can be manufactured from nearly all types of webbing. The most simple strap can consist of a single piece of webbing cut to a particular length. Most Straps consist of at least one stitch point and one or more pieces of hardware.

Sewing Nylon Straps with Sewing MachinesStraps being Sewn on Industrial Sewing Machines

Hardware can be be nearly any fastening device, hook, adjusting device you can imagine. Most commonly, some type of Buckles, adjusters, grommets, hooks and snaps are used on straps. Grommets are also used on straps to reinforce a hole used to attach the strap to a hard surface using a screw or bolt.

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